Synergist Fitness – Where it is Fun to get Fit!!!

We are a small health and wellness studio designed to meet the needs of an aging population.  Our personal training and small group training enable anyone to reach their individual goals and be able to enjoy them for life.  William Schenck has designed a program that enables the active adult to have strong posture, great balance, and remain agile and mobile as they age.

  • Synergist Workout FunRegular Club: Hours 8-5 Monday-Thursday and 8-3 Friday
  • Silver Sneakers Orientations.
  • Cutting Edge Balance Programs
  • Gentle Gym 1-2-3 Functional Circuit Training  1.Posture 2. Balance 3. Agility…
  • Personal Training Masters Exercise Physiology 20+ Years Experience  and Affordable
  •  FUN Small Group Training
  • Fitness Boxing for Bone Density and Much More!
  • Activity Room Design Commercial and Residential
  • Age Specific Massage Therapy *
  • New Classes and  Updated Services Based on Customer’s  Needs and Research*
  • Local Fitness and Health Recommendations (our only completion is your sofa)
  • Generous Referral Programs

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